Worx 20V Power Share Switchdriver Cordless Drill with Dual Chucks


Worx 20V Power Share Switchdriver Cordless Drill with Dual Chucks

  • TWO BITS AT ONCE Easily and instantly alternate between two bits on the innovative Switchdriver head. Drill a pilot hole then the screw all without switching tools or bits
  • STRIP-PROOF Automatic torque control stops you from stripping screws. It also prevents you from damaging the surface of the project
  • SAME BATTERY EXPANDABLE POWER The same battery powers over 75+ 20V 40V and 80V lifestyle garden and power tools in the Power Share family
  • 2 SPEEDS Variable gear train lets you go slow for backing out or drilling into tricky materials or fast for driving your screws home
  • JUST PRESS THE BUTTON Switch between the alternating ¼ chucks just by pressing a button. The heads rotate 180-degrees and you get a whole new tool without having to get down from the ladder
  • LED WORK LIGHT Work in dark or dusty spaces with the trigger-activated LED light. An illuminated workspace is a safe and efficient workspace
  • LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT At just 2.75 lbs. you can use the Switchdriver all day without strain. At that weight you can maneuver into high and tough to reach spaces





Drill Rotate Drive

Drill your pilot hole rotate the Switchdriver head drive in your fastener. Drill rotate drive again. It makes laborious tasks like building a deck or putting up a fence go much much quicker.




Tool-less Quick Change

And when you need that 3rd or 4th bit the ¼ hex quick-change chucks don't require any tools. Just pull the collet locking sleeve away from the tool replace the bit and let go. That's it. Your bit is perfectly seated and tightened.




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